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This game is kinda fun, and seems like it could be more fun. But right now it has some huge flaws which ruin the enjoyment for me.

The tutorial should really be revamped in my opinion. It is impossible for me to beat the clicking challenge at the SP tie, and I'm a fairly fast clicker. And it is impossible to advance past that point in the tutorial without beating that challenge, or to exit the tutorial either. So the tutorial is unwinnable for me.

On that note, the whole click speed challenge in SP ties seems really out of place in this game that is otherwise all about turn-based strategy. Maybe remove it and replace it with something else?

There's some sort of health regen over time in this game, and the game is turn-based. This means that you can win all the time if you wait long enough, it's just tedious.

It seems like you could use some beta testers for this game, or at least that would be my suggestion. If you're looking, I'll volunteer.

rotcivsette responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Message me how many clicks you did on average on the mini game and I'll see what can be done :)
This game was more of an experiment, if (or when) I come back to this style, I'll contact you about the beta testing. So thank you again.

I found this game somewhat interesting at first, but it didn't really keep my interest. It just felt way too repetitive after a while, and I got bored and I didn't know if it would get more interesting after a while, so I stopped. It was just a lot of the same run-and-shoot gameplay, which wasn't interesting to me.

I do have a few comments about the gameplay. My favorite part was the rum mechanic and the associated perks. I think I would have liked to see perks gotten a little more frequently. I agree with the suggestion that there shouldn't be permadeath for followers. I lost my follower at the start because I didn't know what I was doing, and then I had no follower for the rest of the time I played. Also, I thought weapon switching was a bit clumsy, I was ofter confused by what I switched to, maybe that could be improved.

There's a lot of interesting ideas here, and the story sounds really interesting. However, I found the gameplay needlessly confusing, and therefore frustrating. I almost couldn't figure out what the rules are governing when you can place a tower or not, and even though I eventually figured it out, I would have preferred some instructions saying exactly how everything works.

Rarykos responds:

Thanks for elaborate feedback!
Let me explain why there are no instructions - they are disctracting for the majority of players. In the end almost nobody cares for the instructions, but for the interactions they themselves come up with.
But I think I will add some help & guidance for the deluxe edition, just so it's not so frustrating!

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Very nice. Beautiful sound, and I feel like it fits as a theme song.

Cool. A little more energetic than most music box tunes I've heard. I think it works. Although, I think at about 0:38 it stops sounding like a music box and sounds noisy. That's how I felt about it anyway.

Very nice, smooth, relaxing music. Good for a slow-paced or strategic game.

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